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Steamer or iron, MN Clothes has chosen!

Steamer or iron, MN Clothes has chosen!


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Assalamu alaykum, hello, hello everyone!

Today, the day when I am preparing for a shoot, I use my steamer on my products and I ask myself the question: Who does not know how to ask the question of using a steamer? Are there still people who use their good old iron for their dress or other clothing in their dressing room?

There are surely women among you who wish to maintain and take care of their finest clothes. Whether it's a satin Jellaba, a silk blouse, a skirt or even a jilbab, each of these garments deserves special attention.

I'm not talking about a t-shirt or a tracksuit set, the iron is still a necessity for rough or more solid clothes.

But MN Clothes adopts the steamer for clothes that deserve special attention, whether it is a skirt or a jilbab.

N.B .: it also works on curtains!

And you, what do you choose?

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