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INFO Coronavirus - Transport

INFO Coronavirus - Transport

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  Coronavirus - Année 2020


Hope you are well and that your patience will deepen during in this difficult time.

Regarding the transport of our packages, following the recommendations of our service provider, we are suspending deliveries via Mondial Relay. Deliveries are possible via Chronopost and Colissimo carriers.

Contactless home delivery takes place under the following conditions:

Deliveries will be made in priority to the recipient's standard mailboxes. Shippers are encouraged to optimize the size of their packages to make this type of delivery as easy as possible.
In the event of deliveries that do not enter a standard mailbox, the delivery person notifies the customer or the designated person of his arrival (by striking or ringing).
The delivery person deposits the package on the doorstep and immediately deviates a minimum distance of 1 meter from the door, before the door is opened by the customer.
He can leave the package on the doorstep or make sure, remotely that the package has been received by the customer. It does not collect a handwritten signature from the client.
The goal is not to be in close contact and, in particular, not to pass the package from hand to hand.
The barrier gestures are applied, permanently, in the context of the preparation of our packages in particular.

Barrier gestures can be described as follows:
wash your hands very regularly,
cough or sneeze into his elbow or into a handkerchief,
use a disposable tissue and throw it away,
greet without shaking hands and kissing,
respect a distance of 1 meter between people.
Instructions for people receiving a package:
Wait a few seconds before opening the door, to allow the person delivering the package to move away from it.
Wash your hands thoroughly after receiving and opening the package.
Can you continue to order? (update)
Yes, you can order a transport, the deadlines are extended, but the carriers continue to operate their service offers.

Post offices are exceptionally closed this Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Following the closure of so-called non-essential businesses, only Chronopost is able to ensure delivery of packages with deposit or withdrawal at a collection point.

Regarding Chronopost, 50% of the shops in the Pickup network remain open and Chronopost confirms that it operates all of its service offers. If your post office is closed, drop off your packages in the Pickup network.

Regarding Colissimo only 6% of post offices are open. Prefer delivery without signature.
To date, the services of the majority of our partners for international shipments are still available, including Chronopost. Goods are not currently affected by blockages, especially for shipments to the United States.

However, in view of the latest general containment measures and the closing of the borders of most countries in Europe, delays are to be expected following security checks and a reduced presence of couriers.

Relay shipments have become impossible in Europe to date, but home delivery is still possible!

You can also find the information via:


We update this post regularly by following the news related to carriers.


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