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Coronavirus, what behavior to adopt?

Coronavirus, what behavior to adopt?

  Mansour Belhadri  

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  Coronavirus - Année 2020

Bismillah Ar-Rahmân Ar-Rahîm.

Assalâmu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakâtuh,

First of all, I hope you are doing well as well as your loved ones and may Allah azawajel facilitate you in this difficult time.

One of the principles of Muslims is to express optimism (التفاؤل - el-tafâ'ul), but without laxity, as well as confidence in Allâh azawajel as it should (التوكل - el-tawakkul), but without false -similar. Let us therefore be optimistic in hoping from our Lord that He will remove from us the evil and scourge that is spreading these days. It is certainly He alone who saves from all calamity.
And beware of taking the current epidemic lightly. Let us therefore entrust ourselves fully in Allâh subhanahu wa ta’ala, for He is the one who is enough for us, and let us beware of false pretenses. We must indeed have recourse to the material causes which the State recommends, and not to miss the invocations to be pronounced daily before sleeping, as well as arriving in the morning and in the evening.

Finally, let us invoke Allâh ta’ala abundantly.

"The coronavirus will remain a joke until a loved one is touched."

We take this situation seriously and in this state of mind, at MN Clothes, we limit movement by respecting the confinement rules decreed by the Government and we adopt the necessary measures in terms of hygiene, use of hydroalcoholic gel and masks during packaging of packages in particular.

To follow the rules of containment established by the State is to comply with the commandments of Muhammad ibn AbdAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم when he learned that the plague reigned in Syria and said: "When you learn that it exists in a country n "do not go there; but, if it breaks out in the country where you are, do not leave this country to flee it."

In this period when our patience is tested, we must consider that this is an opportunity to multiply good deeds, to place our trust in Allah azawajel and to keep hope because His promise is true.

I implore Allah to take care of us by His protection, and that He grant us forgiveness and health in our religion, our life here below, our loved ones, as well as in our riches He is Certainly the Audient , The Close One who always responds to invocations.

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